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Chengdu YINGJI electronic technology Co. Ltd is a state level high-tech enterprise that founded in 1996 and located in NO.3 South Herui Road, Western Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan.In recent yea, our company devoted a significant amount of time and energy to research UV-LED secondary optical. We have already launched a series of light source module products, including UV-LED parallel light source module, UV-LED high power line light source module, UV-LED uniform light source module, etc. These products have been put into use successfully on the UV curing of PCB circuit exposure machine, the UV curing of offset press and the UV curing of inkjet printer.We can provide complete optronic solutio for different brand and power of UV-LED applicatio.YINGJI that is an o...
Phone 028 -86180025 028-85173381 Fax :028 -85,171,264 Address: Chengdu Hi-tech co Brennan Road West Shu ICP No. 12008735, No.
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